5 Takeaways From the Shadow of War Gameplay

5 Takeaways From the First Shadow of War Gameplay

After an initial announcement trailer last week Monolith Productions has shown off 16 minutes of Shadow of War gameplay highlighting the new and improved Nemesis system and more.

If you haven’t seen the gameplay walkthrough yet you can check it out below:


New And Improved Nemesis System

The most popular element of Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor was undoubtedly the Nemesis system which created a unique narrative for you by giving the Orcs you face personality and characteristics based on your actions. If you were defeated in battle by an Orc he would likely be promoted and remember your last encounter and if you burnt an enemy that escaped he may have a fear of fire.

Shadow of War

I’d be afraid of fire too if faced with this.

Shadow of War looks to double down on the Nemesis system by expanding the possibilities of your encounters by not only applying the system to your enemies but your allies too. In the gameplay trailer, it is revealed that some of your allies will also have unique personalities and characteristics. They could be your best friend or become your enemy and betray you, if you abandon them to die they won’t forget it anytime soon. Orcs will also have relationships with other Orcs and be rivals or friends with each other resulting in another dynamic for the player to deal with.

It will be interesting to see how varied these changes to the Nemesis system are when the full game comes out in August.


More Orcs, More Destruction, More Chaos

One of the most immediate things to notice about Shadow of War is the increased scale of the game. Taking down fortresses requires massive armies at your side.

Shadow of War

Pretty cool.

But it doesn’t always have to be that way. Behind closed doors at GDC (Game Developer’s Conference) Monolith productions confirmed you can send your allies to perform missions and don’t always follow you throughout the game. Nevertheless, it’s clear that these big set piece moments can be approached in different ways. In the video above, Talion slashes his way through enemies, sneaks up on archers, let’s loose with his bow from an elevated position and destroys key areas of the fortress to let his allies in.


Factions Alter How You Approach Fortresses

Orcs in Shadow of War belong to different tribes and this determines their skills and abilities. For example, one tribe called the Feral Tribe specializes in hunting and using creatures in battle. This factor not only changes what your allies and enemies can do in battle but how fortresses are handled. You can expect different layouts and different obstacles in your path depending on which faction is running the fortress. This also counts for your allies, once you’ve defeated the warlord players will choose from their own ranks who to take charge of the area and the decision does matter because Sauron’s forces will counterattack to try to take back the area.


Improved RPG Systems

There’s not much to say here other than the walkthrough makes mention of expanded RPG elements from the first game. After Talion defeats one of the war chiefs at the fortress he gains a new piece of Rohirrim armour which increases his health while also providing bonuses such as poison immunity and other buffs.


You Can Ride Round on Dragons

Nuff said.

Shadow of War

What do you think of the gameplay reveal of Shadow of War? Are you excited for more Orc slaying?

Let me know in the comments below.

You can also check out my thoughts on the first game, Shadow of Mordor here.

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