7 Games to Look Forward to in 2017

7 Games to Look Forward to in 2017

2016 was another great year for gamers with standout titles such as Battlefield 1, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Overwatch, Inside and Dark Souls III to name a few. 2017 promises to be another excellent year, as we enter the fourth year of the current generation of consoles with the Nintendo Switch also entering the fray this year. Here’s just a selection of the most anticipated 2017 games:


Mass Effect Andromeda

The eagerly awaited next entry in the Mass Effect series finally has a release date and is taking the series back to its more RPG-like tendencies. Mass Effect Andromeda will see players take control of Ryder, the Pathfinder, a human who along with several other species have traversed via the Ark to another galaxy. Unlike the Milky Way galaxy which was the setting for the first trilogy, Andromeda is completely new to the player plus the game is set 600 years after the original trilogy and as such the game has a heavy emphasis on exploration and travel with new planets to find and species to meet.

Mass Effect Andromeda

Combat has been revamped and takes some inspiration from the popular Mass Effect 3 multiplayer with more of a focus on action and using your abilities more seamlessly. Choices are more complex without a simple good, bad or neutral response and the morality system has been overhauled to feel more organic. Ryder will have his own ship named the Tempest (which has no loading screens during your navigation on-board) and a vehicle similar in appearance to the Mako named the Nomad will allow you to explore planets.

It remains to be seen if this soft reboot of Mass Effect can reach the lofty heights of the first trilogy with a new team of developers at the helm this time around but early gameplay footage looks promising.

Release date: March 21st in North America, March 23rd in Europe


Horizon Zero Dawn

Guerrilla Games is best known for its work on the Killzone series but the Sony-owned studio is moving in a boldly different direction with its new game, Horizon Zero Dawn. The RPG isn’t too far away from Monster Hunter, an action-RPG where as the name suggests you hunt down fierce monsters for loot but Horizon has a similar aesthetic and style to the modern-day Tomb Raider games. You play as Aloy, a young female hunter from a tribe who lives in a world filled with robotic dinosaur-like creatures. The game is set in a far-flung future in which humanity has reverted to its tribal beginnings and where the robotic creatures are dominant.

PS4 Pro, Games

Aloy has various tools at her disposal including melee, ranged weapons and stealth as she tries to uncover the secrets of this beautiful open world. Expect plenty of missions, side quests, collectibles and loot in this impressive-looking foray into open world gaming by Guerrilla Games.

Release Date: 28 February in North America, 1st March in Europe


The Legend of Zelda: The Breath of the Wild

Make no mistake, this is a big year for Nintendo. The veteran games publisher has seen some success in 2016 with the likes of Pokemon Go and Super Mario Run, proving the company has a bright future in the mobile space but when it comes to traditional consoles, the Wii U has been a colossal failure struggling to develop the large audience of the Wii and simultaneously alienating some of Nintendo’s most hardcore fans with a lack of third-party support and very few releases to look forward to.

Take a look at the Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2016, Games

With the Switch, Nintendo hopes to reverse its fortunes by combining its more popular handheld market with a home console. One of the landmark titles on every Nintendo fan’s mind is The Breath of the Wild, Link’s first time in an open-world fully 3D environment. The game looks beautiful and is aiming to please both newer fans who want modernisation and old fans who are looking for the familiar exploratory, dungeon-crawling gameplay. Link can climb almost any surface, collect different weapons, equip different clothing and cook food for health and bonuses. The success of The Breath of the Wild could be a major indicator of the publisher’s future in the home console market and of the Switch’s potential.

Release Date: 2017 (Recent rumours are conflicting on whether the game will launch alongside the Switch)


Red Dead Redemption 2

Gamers have been not so patiently waiting years for news about Red Dead Redemption 2, a sequel to the Old West cowboy game that saw players go on an incredible journey with reformed outlaw, John Marston, truly one of the great video game protagonists. In late 2016, developer Rockstar finally granted the wish of gamers with a brief trailer which gave vibes of The Magnificent Seven. Little else is known about the title but eagle-eyed viewers think that John Marston may feature in some way which would certainly make the game a prequel, possibly exploring Marston’s time as an outlaw?


2017 may or may not be an ambitious release date for Rockstar because although it has been almost seven years since the first Red Dead Redemption game, the developer has demonstrated its capability of delaying a game if it doesn’t believe it’s ready.

Release Date: 2017


Persona 5

Initially delayed from last year, Persona 5 is finally arriving in the West after its release on September 2016 in Japan. The JRPG series has become more and more popular in recent years featuring turn-based combat along with social simulation with this title taking place in Tokyo, Japan. Players take control of a high-school student, in this case a silent protagonist, who harnesses a Persona (a manifestation of the character’s psyche) in battle.


The series is known for its quirky Japanese elements with various characters popping up in multiple titles, although the games don’t follow each other from a story perspective, making Persona 5 an ideal starting point for any gamer. In development since 2010, Persona fans are eagerly awaiting this next addition to the franchise.

Release Date: April 4th Worldwide


Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

The Resident Evil games have come a long way since the iconic first game and it’s fair to say that in recent years the series has fallen from grace with the likes of Resident Evil 5 and 6. Resident Evil 7 hopes to change that by going back to its roots somewhat with the majority of this game taking place in a creepy old house. Combine its setting and first-person perspective and it’s obvious the game has vibes of the P.T. demo from Hideo Kojima’s now cancelled Silent Hills which was released a few years ago. In addition, Resident Evil VII is fully playable in VR and will therefore serve as a testing ground for VR in triple-A gaming.

Games, Resident Evil 7

The demo for the game, which has been updated regularly, has been received positively by fans and critics alike and hopefully Resident Evil 7 is a step in the right direction for both the series and VR as a platform for the future.

Release Date: January 24th Worldwide


South Park: The Fractured But Whole

The quality and entertainment on offer in South Park: The Stick of Truth took everyone by surprise in 2014 especially when you consider the game’s trouble development including a change of publisher when THQ declared bankruptcy in 2012. The turn-based RPG was chock full of South Park references, characters and locations to the delight of longtime fans.


The sequel, The Fractured But Whole will have a familiar feel with new additions such as new strategies and classes relating to combat. The key element in keeping the games in the same tone and humour as the series is the inclusion of creators and writers Trey Parker and Matt Stone who have worked on both games. The game was delayed in September of last year to ensure the title’s high quality and now has a new release window.

Release Date: Q1 2017


Those are my picks of seven 2017 games to look forward to.

Which game/s are you most excited to get your hands on in 2017? Let me know by commenting below this article!

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