Analysing the Monster Hunter World Footage

What’s in Monster Hunter World’s 20 Minute Gameplay Demo?

Monster Hunter World was revealed at E3 2017 during Sony’s showcase and marks the first time in six years that a Monster Hunter game has come to a PlayStation platform, where the series originated. The game will be coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC in early 2018 according to the developer but to tide fans over Capcom have released a new gameplay demo showing a lengthy sequence as the player tracks and hunts a new monster to the series, the Anjanath.

You can check out the full demo below:


There’s a lot to analyse here and fans of the series will notice many familiar elements and some new ones too. The first more abstract thing to notice is the Western influence on this game. Monster Hunter as a series has always been very popular in Japan but at times has struggled to find a large audience in the West and it seems Capcom is taking notice and making significant changes to the tried and true formula. The name suggests this is a fresh start for the series and is aiming to entice new players to the franchise. There are signs the developer has made the game more accessible too. Previously players had to roam from area to area to find their target and quickly tag them with a paintball that would wear off over time to keep track of them. In Monster Hunter World however the handy tracks and scout flies mean you’re rarely lost looking for your kill. Another noticeable change is the introduction of voice acting where previously characters just grunted and text appeared.

Monster Hunter World

These handy flies allow the player to keep track of the monster’s movements.

This game represents an opportunity for Capcom to utilise more advanced graphics and power that the series has lacked on Nintendo handhelds. The series has never looked better and the improved horsepower means no loading between areas and a more seamless experience. Monster behaviour certainly seems more advanced too, the ecological battles between monsters wasn’t really a significant factor for the series before and now serves to directly influence the game. In the footage above, the player frequently lures their prey into traps but also other creatures who can fight it. Typically, monsters would in the past make a beeline for you but the Anjanath in the footage is more concerned when a bigger foe enters the fray.

There seems to be plenty of familiar elements for long-time fans of the series including the same weapon types, the returning feline companions and various potions and berries you can use to your advantage. The grappling hook is an interesting addition that hopefully can’t be spammed to continually mount the monster you are hunting for easy damage but it emphasises the strategy of being constantly on the move. There are familiar monsters in the footage above too including various herbivores and the classic Raphalos. The biggest changes seem to be the world, monster behaviour and environment and it’s encouraging for fans of the series that the core elements of the game haven’t been drastically overhauled.

Monster Hunter World

Environmental traps and mounting the monster play an important role.

Finally, there were a number of smaller additions and changes to items and combat. Mantles afford the player the opportunity to lure their kill towards another area or sneak past creatures for a more strategic entrance to combat. The slinger and various ammo associated with it played an important role in the demo as the player used it to get the¬†Anjanath’s attention and triggered huge rocks to crush the monster and cause large amounts of damage. Being able to change your equipment at the base camp is a very useful feature since players were somewhat restricted by what armour and weapon they set off with previously.

There’s still plenty more to see from Monster Hunter World before its release in 2018 but early signs demonstrate that the game could be the most accessible Monster Hunter game yet for new players and is making some user-friendly changes for fans and newcomers alike.

What do you make of Monster Hunter World from E3 2017 and the footage shown here? If you’ve never played the series before what do you think?

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