Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Coming to 3DS in November

Apollo Justice Coming to 3DS This November

Apollo Justice, the fourth title in the Japanese series Ace Attorney is making its way to the Nintendo 3DS in November 2017.

Enhancements made to the game include upgraded 3D graphics, utilizing the functionality of the 3DS to dust for fingerprints and rotate objects 360 degrees, text skip options and the ability for players to switch between the English and Japanese versions of the game.

You can check out a few screenshots from the game in the gallery below:

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney was first released for Nintendo DS in 2008 and its addition to the 3DS library means that all six main Ace Attorney games are available on the platform.

Apollo Justice takes place years after the events of the previous game where players control Apollo and must team up with Phoenix Wright – who has been disbarred – plus his daughter, Trudy.

The fourth game in the series introduced a ‘Perceive’ mechanic that would allow the player to detect nervousness or anxiety in facial movements of witnesses.

Ace Attorney has been a successful series for publisher Capcom with 23 different titles selling 6.4 million units worldwide.

Update: The game will be available on November 23rd in the UK and November 21st in the U.S. In North America the game will be on the Nintendo eShop for $19.99.

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