Big Hero 6 Review

Big Hero 6 tells the story of Hiro Hamada who with the help of his brother and robot companion Baymax transforms himself and his friends into hi-tech superheroes. Based on a comic by Marvel and created by Walt Disney Animation, Big Hero 6 is an enjoyable animated film with lots to like. The story is relatively predictable but the characters and setting help elevate the film above ordinary animated films.


The film is set in San Fransokyo, a hybrid city in the future which clearly merges San Francisco and Tokyo. The setting is really neat and helps give the film visual flair as Hiro makes his way past towering skyscrapers and Japanese architecture. If anything, the setting is under utilised merely serving as a backdrop to the action but it’s design is distinct and interesting. The hybrid nature of the city evokes the film’s main theme of technology and it’s nice to see a somewhat different setting for a superhero film. Meanwhile, the hi-tech suits and weaponry that Hiro and his friends create is unique and cool to see on-screen. There is a satisfying blend of sci-fi and fantasy at work here and it works well together.


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The heart of the story is undeniably Baymax, Hiro’s brother’s robot designed for healthcare which Hiro redesigns into a crime fighting assistant. Baymax is highly amusing and fun to watch on-screen. His buoyant physicality and personality really evoke a sense of fun and the film is all the better for it when he’s on-screen. There is a great use of physical comedy at play here and Baymax is consistently hilarious. The story’s teenage protaganist Hiro is a perfect opposite to Baymax as an angsty teenager going through a traumatic time and the highlight of the story is the relationship between these two characters. To describe the funny moments would spoil the best parts of the film so I will say no more on this. Needless to say Baymax becomes an instant favourite for audiences.


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Ultimately, Big Hero 6 tells a heartfelt story, if somewhat predictable but this is less surprising for a film aimed at kids. The story addresses classic teenage tropes but does so in a way that is still entertaining to watch, largely thanks to Baymax. Hiro certainly grows as a character throughout the film, although his friends are fairly underdeveloped as characters but are good enough to watch.


In conclusion, Big Hero 6 is a fun and amusing tale with a heartfelt story about a boy, his robot care companion and his friends who all become hi-tech heroes. The star of the show is undoubtedly Baymax with his physical comedy and fish out of water style humour. While the supporting cast is fairly underdeveloped and the story relatively by the numbers, the humour and good fun that the film evokes helps to keep the story interesting and entertaining.



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