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La La Land

La La Land Review

La La Land works on a few different levels, offering a wry observation on stardom and making it in LA while also serving as a fun, enjoyable musical.


Limbo Review

Limbo is a special game that tests its audience through physics-based puzzles, hopeless and morose environments and a refusal to hand you a happy ending.


Moana Review

Moana tells the story of a young Polynesian girl who must traverse the ocean to reunite an ancient relic with its goddess.

Suicide Squad Review

Suicide Squad Review

Suicide Squad is a fun and entertaining film but is held back due to a weak villain, muddled plot and heavy handed editing.

The Flash Season 2

The Flash Season 2 Review

The Flash Season 2 continued the trend of last season as the show was full of twists and turns, continued to embrace its source material and mixed in plenty of entertainment and fun.

Deadpool review

Deadpool Review

Deadpool is a funny, violent and self-aware film. It earns respect for its bloody action, well written humour and by poking fun at itself.

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