Codemasters Acquires Evolution Studios

British Studio Codemasters Acquires Evolution Studios

The British developer and publisher Codemasters has acquired Evolution Studios.

This news comes a month after Sony announced it would be closing Evolution Studios, the developer of games such as DriveClub and MotorStorm.

In a statement on their blog, Codemasters announced they would be expanding their portfolio of studios:

“This expansion will not only see us gain a wealth of racing expertise and skill, but it’ll take Codemasters to the next level as the world’s largest racing-focused games company.

“With phenomenal racing DNA on both sides, we hope that gamers out there are excited to see what we do next.”

Former Evolution Studios Director, Mike Hocking has also joined the company as Vice President of Product development who said:

“We have a shared passion for racing, a desire to innovate and a determination to create the best racing games and build the biggest racing community in the market.”

“I’m very much looking forward to working with so many of the world’s greatest racing developers, on new IP as well as exciting franchises including Dirt, Grid, Micro Machines and the Formula 1 games.”

Codemasters, who are based in Cheshire in the UK, have a pedigree of racing games including franchises such as Formula 1, Dirt, Grid and Micro Machines so it makes sense that Evolution Studios are joining the publisher given their similar game genres.

This change means that games produced by Evolution won’t be exclusive to Playstation anymore.

Evolution Studios were owned by Sony for over 10 years before the company decided to close them down last month.

The developer came under scrutiny in the last few years due to development problems and continuous problems after launch with Sony’s exclusive racer DriveClub, which was initially set to be a launch title for the Playstation 4.

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