Everything From the Destiny 2 Gameplay Reveal

Everything From the Destiny 2 Gameplay Reveal

Activision have unveiled the first gameplay from Destiny 2 in a livestream today. Here’s a rundown of everything that was shown off.

First of all the live event opened with a cinematic focusing on the Titan Vanguard Zavala. You can check that out below:


Various members of Bungie took to the stage during the event and the developers spoke about three main things they kept in mind when developing Destiny 2.

The first was a world that pulls you in with a focus on story, characters and how environments are built to facilitate that focus. The new story, which Bungie referred to as the ‘Red War’ campaign, the new worlds and the fact that there is more cinematics than the last game is proof of that according to Bungie.

Secondly was building enjoyable things for people to do which encompasses solo or multiplayer, PvE or PvP.

Finally the developer alluded to co-operative changes such as more public events, strikes and a new raid.

The first glimpse of gameplay we were given was a mission called Homecoming which is the opening mission in Destiny 2.

The mission showed the last city on Earth being attacked by the Red Legion, the leader of which has a vendetta against the Traveler for choosing the Guardians and not his kind. The player encounters groups of enemies as they move through the area and briefly encounters other members of the Vanguard.


After a cinematic the player reaches the enemy command ship and must take out the shield generator, the player encounters Ghaul, the leader of the Red Legion and the screen cuts to black.

In terms of the tone of the game, Bungie stated that Destiny 2 is about loss, recovering your power as well as the Vanguard and your allies. You can see an official gameplay trailer below:


Many features from the last game return such as strikes and raids. Crucible PvP is now 4 vs 4 across all modes – one new mode named Countdown sounds like a classic attack and defend game type. The developer also mentioned a new HUD which can tell you when a player on the other team has their super ready or is holding power ammo.

There were three new supers shown off –  Dawnblade, which allowed players to fling fire projectiles at enemies and hit at close range, the Sentinel shield that can be thrown and knock people down plus the Arcstrider staff that can slam into enemies

There are 4 new worlds/areas for players to explore and engage in activities:

  • European Dead Zone (EDZ) where humans choose to make a stand after their defeat in Homecoming.
  • Titan – A moon of Saturn where Zavala goes to recover from his wounds. An ocean planet, it contains huge structures and massive waves.
  • Nessus – A world occupied by Vex and made into a machine world. Contains huge valleys and canyons.
  • Io – A sulphuric moon of Jupiter which contains many mysteries as it is the last place the Traveler appeared before the collapse.

Guardians can now travel between activities and planets without first going to orbit.

Bungie emphasised that worlds are more explorable in Destiny 2. There are still patrols, encounters and chests but now you will meet characters who not only give you side missions but mark things on your map like treasure maps, adventures and lost sectors. In lost sectors players will find an area with a boss who holds a key to a bunch of treasure.

A new map will aid players when exploring by using filters to search for things like public activities or lost sectors.

One of the biggest announcements was the introduction of clans which will make grouping together easier. There are in-game rosters, a reward system and the opportunity to make a custom banner for your clan.

According to Bungie 50% of players who reached the highest level in Destiny never played a raid because of the hassle of getting a group together. Bungie aims to fix this in Destiny 2 with new features.

Guided Games will allow solo players to join up with clans without matchmaking. Clans are able to open up an activity to solo players should they need an extra player or two.

Destiny 2 has a beta coming this summer and Activision made a point to reiterate its continuing partnership with Sony and PlayStation but no specifics were given away.

Finally, the publisher revealed that Blizzard will bring Destiny 2 to PC via Battle.net exclusively.

What did you think of the first gameplay reveal? Let me know in the comments!

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