Doom Gets a Release Date and Collector’s Edition

Doom Gets a Release Date and Collector’s Edition

Publisher Bethesda Softworks have announced the release date, collector’s edition and pre-order bonuses for Doom.

Doom, a reboot of the classic series by id Software has been given a May 13, 2016 release date on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

A collector’s edition was also announced which includes a ’12” Revenant statue’, the game and a metal case. Bethesda describes the collector’s edition and its statue as follows:

“If you’re seeking a real demonic possession, then you’ll want to pick up the DOOM collector’s edition.

“Complete with a 12-inch-tall statue of the fearsome Revenant made from high-quality PVC, the DOOM collector’s edition will add a hellish touch to any room.

“The Revenant, which was modeled using actual in-game 3D files, stands sentry on a base-lit turbine that slowly rotates internally, casting an eerily flickering glow onto the nightmarish glory of this iconic DOOM demon.”

You can check out the collector’s edition below:

Doom Gets a Release Date and a Collector's Edition

You can pick up the collector’s edition for £99.99 here in the UK, $129.99 in Europe and $119.99 in the US.

Those who pre-order the standard or collector’s editions of the game will receive the Demon Multiplayer Pack which includes: a demon armour set with three skins, six metallic paint colours and three id logo patterns for weapons and armour plus a set of six Hack modules – consumables that will give you an edge in the game’s multiplayer.

The game also receives a new campaign trailer which you can see below:

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