E3 2017: EA Play Recap – Announcements and Trailers

A Recap of All The Announcements at EA Play 2017

Last year marked the first time EA held its own event – called EA Play – outside of the convention centre that hosts E3 in Los Angeles. The publisher repeated that event this year which allows it to be a bit freer with its time and structure of what essentially is still a press conference. As you would expect there was plenty of sports games on show and better looks at the likes of Star Wars Battlefront II and even some new IP. Here’s a rundown including trailers of everything that was at EA Play 2017…

The show opened with Madden NFL 18 which showcased the series’ first ‘story mode’ called Longshot:


The mode resembles FIFA‘s The Journey with players this time taking control of Devin Wade who dreams of making it big in the NFL.

EA then moved on to talk about Battlefield 1 which the publisher stated had reached over 20 million players. This month Battlefield fans who own the game’s premium pass can expect a new map which takes place at night called Nivelle Nights. The synopsis for the map reads:

“As darkness falls over the muddy battlefields around Malmaison and Soupir, French and German batteries prepare to yet again support their troops on the contested ground.”

The publisher also announced a new expansion for the game called In The Name of the Tsar, which as you’d expect introduces the Russian army. The expansion contains six new maps, new vehicles and weapons. Also featured are the Hussar cavalry and the women’s battalion of death. EA also promises ‘deeper progression’ and a ‘new competitive experience’ which will be detailed at Gamescom in August.

You can see a cinematic teaser trailer for the expansion below:


Next up was a brief look at Fifa 18 which revealed The Journey’s Alex Hunter would be returning with the story focusing on whether to stay at his current club or go elsewhere. Some gameplay was also shown focusing on Christiano Ronaldo and the increased realism of the game.

Check out the teaser trailer for The Journey below:


EA Play then moved onto Need for Speed Payback which was announced at the beginning of this month. There was a gameplay demonstration that revealed three main characters pulling off a car heist from a speeding lorry. EA promised extra customisation and the ability to control all three characters, with each offering a different playstyle. There was also mention of relics – old abandoned cars that could be upgraded to super cars if players want to invest. The plot follows a tale of vengeance against the House, a nefarious cartel who control casinos and cops.

Check out the gameplay trailer below which has more than a hint of Fast and Furious:


Next up was EA’s indie programme called EA Originals which gave us Unravel last year and showed off a new game from the creator of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons who has formed a new studio called Hazelight Studios. A Way Out  is the new title and carries on the spirit of co-operative play albeit in a different scenario. The third person action-adventure game follows two prisoners as they try to break out of prison and go on the run. Like Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, the game is designed to bring two players on an emotional journey and uniquely can only be played in splitscreen – locally or online – although the developer admits it’s really best played with a friend on the couch.


The game looks cinematic and impressive featuring exploration, driving and action. The creator Josef Fares calls it “a co-op game like no other”.

The game features Vincent and Leo and will be available early 2018. You can see a gameplay trailer below:


Interestingly, EA made mention of Xbox’s Scorpio before its presumed unveiling later today. The publisher highlighted how good Madden looks on the increased power at the developer’s disposal.

There was a very brief tease for Anthem, the new IP from Bioware which looks to be a sci-fi/fantasy game which has quite an apparent Destiny/Evolve vibe going on. You can see the teaser trailer below with more to be shown at Microsoft’s conference today.


As we moved towards the end of the show, EA showcased NBA Live 18 with a slow-mo look at gameplay and a closer look at ‘The One’ – another story mode that will take the player across the country earning new gear and stats in either the League or Streets.


Finally, EA spent quite a chunk of time on Star Wars Battlefront 2 mentioning the developer had heard the desire for a single player campaign and that the story taking places between Episodes VI and VII. There is apparently 3x the content of the first game with more heroes, vehicles, progression and planets. There is a new class system with more traditional shooter roles like an officer (support) and a heavy (tank) that is also customisable.


The publisher reminded players those who pre-order get early access to the game’s beta and that this time around all the DLC will be free including Finn and Captain Phasma as heroes this holiday. The show ended with a long look at Battlefront‘s multiplayer with a 20 vs 20 battle on the new Naboo map which saw Seperatist forces attacking Theed. The live gameplay was being played by some of the top Battlefront players as well as influencers and Youtubers and showed some of the different stages of the battle, the class system and a lot of chaotic battle in which Darth Maul pretty much won the day.

And there you have it! That was everything shown at EA Play 2017.

What impressed you the most? Are you excited to delve into Battlefront 2?

Share your thoughts in the comments below and remember to keep an eye on the site for more recaps this week!

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