E3 2017: PlayStation Press Conference Recap

PlayStation Press Conference Looks Ahead

Sony’s PlayStation conference ran for a little over an hour – considerably shorter than Xbox’s – but was still packed with exclusive first party titles. Nevertheless, some may be disappointed at the lack of firm release dates for many of their big titles that we’ve known about for some time. There was new DLC announced for Horizon Zero Dawn plus gameplay demos of titles like God of War and Detroit: Become Human. Check out the recap of all the trailers and demos shown below:

Sony chose to repeat the opening of last year’s E3 conference with a musical performance, this time based around Uncharted: The Lost Legacy rather than God of War. Unfortunately for several streams there were some audio issues during the trailer for Uncharted but here’s a trailer with no problems:


The Lost Legacy focuses on Chloe and Nadine as well as a new villain to the series. The new game will be released on August 22nd, 2017.

Next up was a trailer showing the new expansion for Horizon Zero Dawn called The Frozen Wilds. The DLC focuses on the frozen north with a new area hinting at brand new, big machines to fight and a wider mystery for Aloy to solve.


After announcing zombie-like game Days Gone at E3 last year, Sony Bend returned with a gameplay demo showing the main character, Deacon stealthily sneaking past enemies and using the infected to his advantage:


Afterwards, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment Shawn Layden took to the stage to speak with the conference audience after which we got perhaps one of the more surprising announcements.

Monster Hunter World is coming to PlayStation in early 2018 (as well as Xbox One and PC) and we were given a glimpse of Capcom’s next instalment of its hugely popular series:


Another surprise for fans was a trailer for what looks like a full remastered version of Shadow of the Colossus. Japan Studio’s game has been remastered by Bluepoint Games who often work on these types of projects. Check out the trailer:


Next we saw Capcom’s Marvel vs Capcom Infinite which is coming out on September 19th, 2017. The story demo is available now and the trailer below gives an idea of what you can expect from the game’s story:


Activision once again appeared at Sony’s conference with a new trailer for Call of Duty: WWII which is taking the series back to its roots.


PlayStation announced several games for PlayStation VR. Playful’s sci-fi game is called Star Child meanwhile Supermassive Games had two VR titles to show, Until Dawn horror prequel, The Inpatient and Call of Duty-esque shooter Bravo Team. Check out the trailers for all three below:




Also shown was Moss from Polyarc which looks to be a puzzle game centred around you helping a small mouse get through different areas.


A big part of the show was a gameplay demo of God of War which reiterates the complicated nature of Kratos’ relationship with his son. The trailer below shows hack and slash action and of course, huge monsters:


Following Santa Monica Studio’s trailer was our best look yet at Detroit: Become Human and its branching paths as well as the third playable character named Marcus:


Destiny 2 also had a few announcements for PlayStation fans, namely the return of exclusive content for the platform which includes a Strike called Lake of Shadows, exclusive gear and weapons plus a PvP map named Retribution:


Finally, the most impressive game of the show was Insomniac’s Spider-Man which will be coming some time next year, not featured is a small clip that shows Miles Morales will be in the game as well as Peter Parker’s Spider-Man:


What did you make of Sony’s E3 2017 press conference? Which games are you most excited for?

Share your thoughts in the comments!

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