E3 2017: Xbox Press Conference Recap

New Hardware and Plenty of Games at Xbox’s Conference

Microsoft’s Xbox conference went early at this year’s E3 and had plenty to show the fans. We learned some important details about Project Scorpio, (now the Xbox One X) saw some big third-party titles showcased like Assassin’s Creed alongside exclusive titles and plenty of smaller indie games. Altogether there were 42 games featured, 22 of which had some form of console exclusivity. Here’s a rundown of all the announcements and trailers shown at the Xbox conference:

First off, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer introduced the Xbox One X – previously Project Scorpio. The console looks slick and is Xbox’s smallest console to date. Take a look a glimpse at the 4K console in the fairly exaggerated trailer below:


The console will be available on November 7th for $499/¬£449 and was described on stage by the publisher as “the most powerful console ever”.

Aside from the tech specs (it’s powerful and has HDR, Dolby Atmos support and a 4K UHD Blu-Ray player) the Xbox One X will be compatible with all Xbox One accessories and games with the latter being enhanced with improved graphical fidelity and faster load times. Microsoft reassured that games will also look and play better on 1080p screens too.

Next we were given a fairly lengthy explanation of Forza Motorsport 7 running on Xbox One X described as the “most technically advanced racing game”. In a first for E3, Forza’s partnership with Porsche resulted in a real supercar (a version of a Porsche 911) being unveiled for the first time on Xbox’s stage. There was gameplay demo of Forza showing Dubai and the Nurburgring. As you’d expect the graphics looked top-notch on the new console and the game will be out October 3rd 2017.

You can see the reveal trailer below:


The second big game revealed was Metro Exodus by 4A games. The gameplay demo showed the player running through tunnels fighting off creatures before escaping out into a dilapidated village where a fight with a rabid bear takes place. You can see the gameplay demo below:


After many leaks and rumours, Microsoft showed off Assassin’s Creed Origins set in Egypt running on the Xbox One X. Creative director of the game Jean Guesdon talked through a gameplay demo which showed off revamped combat, more RPG elements and using an eagle to tag targets and plan your way past or through enemies. Players control Bayek, one of the last Medjay (basically a sherrif) who protects the land and will eventually form the Brotherhood of Assassins. Check out the reveal trailer below:


And here’s the gameplay walkthrough in which the main character Bayek goes back to his home town to assassinate a fake oracle:


The game is coming out October 27, 2017 and we can expect to see more at the Ubisoft conference.

Player Unknown himself came on stage to announce Player Unknown’s Battleground is coming to Xbox. The community driven game has surpassed three million players on PC and is coming exclusively to Xbox late this year. Here’s a trailer showing some gameplay:


Following that were three smallish titles. First up was Deep Rock Galactic from Ghost Ship Games. The game resembles a four player Minecraft game with more of an emphasis on combat.


Second was the long-awaited State of Decay 2 with a trailer showing similar gameplay to the first game. The title will be released in Spring 2018.


The launch exclusive The Darwin Project is an arena-based third-person multiplayer game that looks to try to emulate the charm of Overwatch.


Microsoft had an update for those players still invested in Minecraft and will for the first time support crossplay between devices such as Nintendo Switch, mobile, PC and Xbox (unfortunately, the word is that Sony refused). Also included in the trailer below is bigger servers, a free 4K update and the Super Duper Graphics Pack which will give Minecraft a new lick of paint this Fall:


Dragon Ball Fighter Z does exactly what it says on the tin while offering 3 vs 3 clashes and is scheduled for early 2018:


Pearl Abyss announced that the MMO Black Desert is coming to Xbox in early 2018:


This pixellated adventure game that resembles Blade Runner is actually The Last Night developed by Odd Tales Game:


Musical platformer The Artful Escape is coming to Xbox “when it’s damn ready”:


The announcement trailer for Code Vain from developer Project Vain is an action RPG being published by Bandai Namco coming in 2018:


Xbox gave us an extensive look at Rare’s Sea of Thieves showing three players teaming up as pirates to loot treasure from sunken ships and isolated islands. The pirate game will be available 2018:


Tacoma, the space exploration game from the creators of Gone Home finally has a release date of August 2nd.

Playful’s 3D platformer Super Lucky’s Tale is coming to Xbox on November 7th, 2017.


Indie game Cuphead finally marks its spot and will hit the store on September 29th.

Crackdown 3 got a bonkers trailer starring Terry Crews:


The action co-op game is coming on November 7th, 2017.

Next there was a montage of ID@Xbox games showing a diverse line-up of games for fans to look forward to:


Xbox showed off a melancholy trailer for action RPG Ashen next from developer Aurora 44:


Square Enix’s hit Life is Strange is getting a three episode prequel called¬†Before the Storm with the first episode landing on August 31st. Meanwhile, a sequel was confirmed outside of E3 recently too:


Monolith gave us another taste of Middle Earth: Shadow of War and it’s upgraded Nemesis system coming on October 10th:


Ori and the Will of the Wisps is the follow-up to the stylish 2D platformer released in 2015. You can see the atmospheric trailer below:


In terms of its services, Microsoft stated that half of Xbox One owners had utilised backwards compatibility and that they would be expanding the offering with original Xbox titles such as Crimson Skies. They will look and play better according to Phil Spencer and will begin launching later this year.

Finally, EA’s Patrick Soderlund introduced some gameplay from Anthem, the Bioware game that was announced at EA Play on Saturday. It features flying exo-suits called javelins and co-operative multiplayer action:


And there you have it. That was what Microsoft had to show at this year’s E3 conference.

What did you make of the games shown? What interests you the most? Will you be picking up an Xbox One X?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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