EVE Online Arms Race Update Expands Free-to-Play Experience

Icelandic developer CCP has released the new EVE Online Arms Race update which offers more gameplay options for free-to-play users.

A player without a subscription in the MMO Space Simulator is referred to as a ‘Alpha Clone’ and was introduced in last year’s Ascension expansion.

After today’s update, Alpha players can now learn more skills, fly better spaceships and equip more advanced weaponry.

Hilmar Veigar Pétursson, CCP’s CEO had this to say about the latest update:

“There has never been a better time to join the universe of EVE and begin your own unique space adventure, or re-join and continue your journey.

“The increased flexibility and depth of the free Alpha Clone experience means that EVE is more accessible than ever. EVE players can return and fly their favourite ships for free, re-uniting with old corpmates or continue forging their own destiny to make their mark on the universe.”

Alpha Clones will now have access to some of the most popular ships in the game including the Battleship and Battlecruiser classes from multiple factions alongside the ability to learn how to use upgraded weapons systems.

You can check out a video highlighting the ships newly available to Alpha players below:


Other changes brought by the update include a feature that allows players to fly as a support pilot and earn rewards by offering remote logistical support to players or vessels from the Empire they support and graphical improvements to structures in missions and deadspace areas.

You can see the full list of patch notes here.

EVE Online was first launched in 2003 and development was inspired by classic sci-fi games like Elite and the MMO structure of games like Ultima Online. The title is renowned for its complexity and scale particularly when it came to stories of epic space battles featuring thousands and thousands of users.

The EVE Online Arms Race update is available now.

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