Captain America: Civil War Trailer Released

Captain America: Civil War Trailer

The Captain America: Civil War trailer has arrived and shows plenty of footage from the upcoming Spring 2016 film.

The film’s name is taken from Marvel’s 2006-07 Civil War crossover storyline written by Mark Millar and penciled by Steve McNiven.

The crossover detailed a crackdown on superheroes as the U.S. government passed the Superhero Registration Act which required them to be legally licensed by the government causing a dilemma for those with secret identities. Captain America, who opposed the Act came into conflict with Iron Man who took the government’s side. The result was superheroes fighting one another and others trying to remain neutral. A key figure in the story is Spiderman and the newly cast Tom Holland is confirmed as making an appearance in the film.

Take a look at the trailer below:


The trailer shows Bucky Barnes aka The Winter Soldier as a key part of the plot as Captain America and Falcon search for him after the events of The Winter Solider.

We are also given our first look at Black Panther and the conflict between Captain America and Iron Man.

Also featured in the trailer are Black Widow, Scarlet Witch and Hawkeye.

In addition a new poster has been revealed:

Captain America: Civil War Trailer Released

The film will be directed by Anthony and Joe Russo who also directed Captain America: The Winter Soldier
and will direct Avengers: Infinity War – Parts I and II in 2018 and 2019.

Captain America: Civil War will debut here in the UK on April 29, 2016 and May 6 in the US.

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