Frontier Details Future Elite Dangerous Updates

The Future Elite Dangerous Updates Coming This Year and in 2018

Frontier Developments have announced several Elite Dangerous updates at Frontier Expo, an event that celebrates the developer’s games and their communities.

The next big series of Elite Dangerous updates, which are titled Beyond are coming in 2018 and will focus on narrative and improvements to the core experience of the game.

Elite Dangerous Updates

The largest updates will arrive in Q1 and Q4 of 2018. Fans can expect the following changes and additions in Q1:

  • Every upgrade crafted with Engineers will now always result in an improvement rather than a chance of failure.
  • Authority ships will now have a greater response to criminal activities.
  • Improved trade data to allow players to plan their trade routes more effectively.
  • Wing missions will allow you to take on challenges with your friends.
  • Planets will begin to look more varied as Frontier promises to look at shaders adding more colour, contrast and detail for a more realistic look.
  • Narrative threads will continue to develop influencing content and gameplay.
  • GalNet Audio will read the news to you as you travel.
  • New ships, missions and scenarios.

Two of the new ships were shown off at the Frontier Expo, the Krait from the original Elite game and the Chieftan, an Alliance combat ship.

Elite Dangerous Updates

Furthermore, Frontier detailed what’s coming towards the end of 2018 in Q4:

  • Squadrons, essentially guilds, allow players to communicate and coordinate to complete community goals, play with the background simulation or increase the influence of a given power. Squadrons will also have the option to buy a fleet carrier, a mobile base of operations for members to restock, refuel and respawn.
  • Mining is receiving some special treatment in order to make it a legitimate career path with Frontier mentioning new tools to detect and extract resources and special asteroids to find.
  • Technical improvements to planets you can land on including better lighting, ambient and volumetric effects and more to create richer environments.
  • Exploration will become more involved with the Codex, an archive of game lore and your exploration achievements to date plus new phenomena and places to discover.

You can see a full recap of the announcements and forthcoming updates here.

Elite Dangerous‘ latest update, Horizons 2.4 – The Return sees the mysterious alien race the Thargoids return to the Elite universe.

Click here to read more about starting out in Elite Dangerous here and the game’s deep systems.

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