Game of Thrones Season Six Adds Two New Cast Members

Game of Thrones Season Six has now added two new veteran actors to it’s already star-studded cast for next year. We also know some details about one character but the show’s production team is keeping quiet on the other.


Over the weekend Entertainment Weekly reported that Ian McShane has signed onto the fantasy TV show for Season Six. McShane’s role remains a mystery for now but the role is expected to be a small one, although he is an important character. McShane has already starred as one fearsome pirate in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides as Blackbeard, could McShane be playing another seafarer as Victarion Greyjoy? Or perhaps the character is a new one entirely? Interestingly, the show has now moved beyond the chronology of the books, so much of the plot will be uncharted territory from here. McShane has already appeared in another HBO show, Deadwood, and has also appeared in films such as John Wick.

Game of Thrones Season Six Adds Two New Cast Members

Ian McShane

Game of Thrones Season Six Adds Two New Cast Members

Max von Sydow

Yesterday, Entertainment Weekly also broke the news that Max von Sydow will also be appearing in Game of Thrones Season Six. Sydow will play the Three-Eyed Raven who briefly appeared at the end of the Season Four Finale portrayed by a different actor. Like McShane, Sydow’s role is expected to be a small but important one. Sydow, an actor with significant pedigree, has had a lengthy career in many feature films such as The Exorcist, Minority Report and is to appear in Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens later this year. The Three-Eyed Raven is a mysterious and mystical mentor to Bran Stark in the books so it will be interesting to see where the show goes with the character.


Game of Thrones Season Six is shaping up to be another fascinating journey into Westeros and is expected to commence next spring. Keep an eye on the site for more Game of Thrones news in the future.

In the meantime, what do you think of this casting news? Are you excited for next season? Let me know by commenting below.


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