Gamescom 2014: Five Games That Impressed

Gamescom 2014: Five Games That Impressed

Gamescom 2014 is over and we can now take a look at which games impressed the most this year in Cologne, Germany. There were more games on show than ever, from AAA titles to indie games and all had something impressive to show. Both Microsoft and Sony had strong conferences and gave gamers plenty of reasons to buy their consoles. Some games on this list had new gameplay trailers, while others were being introduced for the first time. So, in no particular order:


Assassins Creed: Unity


Gamescom 2014: Five Games That Impressed

There has been plenty of trailers and news about Assassins Creed: Unity since E3 but only now do we get a true sense of how the single player plays on the next-gen platforms as well as learning more about the progression system. Arno is heavily customizable now, with a skill point based leveling up system that allows you to allocate Sync points to three main paths: Stealth, Navigation and Combat. You can spend points across all three paths or place more in one than the others, its up to you to allocate points based on how you like to play. But by far the most impressive aspect of Assassins Creed: Unity at Gamescom was the introduction of a new gameplay trailer which showcases an early assassination mission in the single player portion of the game. You can check it out below with commentary from Game Director Alex Amancio:



The gameplay in this mission is very reminiscent of the first Assassins Creed title in which Altair would have to pick the best path to his target. In this instance Arno has to enter the Notre Dame and he can do so in a number of ways. Players could lock pick a window if that skill was high enough, pickpocket a key from a guard or even fight their way through the front door. However, to gain a unique assassination cut scene players are encouraged to play stealthily. From there, Arno has to make his escape in which he is aided if players have discovered a secret underground tunnel beneath the Notre Dame. It all looks very impressive and visually stunning too. Assassins Creed: Unity looks to be a major step forward for the annual franchise. Assassins Creed: Unity will release October 28th this year.


Quantum Break


Gamescom 2014: Five Games That Impressed

From a gameplay perspective, Quantum Break was rather an unknown entity going into Gamescom 2014. But a week later, we’ve been given more of an idea of how the game will actually play. Using a third person cover based system, Quantum Break mixes gun-play with time bending abilities. The lengthy gameplay trailer shown at Microsoft’s conference was entertaining and gave Xbox One fans an idea of what to expect when Quantum Break releases in 2015. Check out the trailer below:



The time-bending abilities look a lot of fun, allowing the player to move from to cover to cover with ease and outmaneuver their enemies to devastating effect. The protagonist was  fighting Monarch Solutions, a villainous corporation with ill intentions. Little else is known about the game at this stage or how it will combine with the upcoming TV show but enough was shown to start getting people interested in Quantum Break.


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


Gamescom 2014: Five Games That Impressed

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt looks more impressive each time it is shown. Boasting a huge open world and revamped combat, this massive RPG looks to bring new fans to the franchise when it releases on next-gen consoles and to continue to entertain longtime fans. Players of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings will be pleased to hear that combat has changed so that they aren’t constantly dodging all the time and in other helpful ways too. Here’s one of the side quests that was shown off at Gamescom:



Players will also be able to hunt monsters for money with the day/night cycle being an important factor. For instance, it wouldn’t be wise to face a werewolf without any preparation during a full moon. This adds another layer of depth to an already complex and immersive world. Unlike some of the games on this list The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is out not to far from now in February 2015.




Gamescom 2014: Five Games That Impressed

Moving away from AAA titles, plenty of smaller titles were shown off at Gamescom 2014 too.  One of the most impressive was Rime, a cell-shaded adventure and puzzle game coming exclusively to PS4. Rime is reminiscent of games such as Ico, Shadow of the Colossus and Wind Waker. The game looks beautiful with an art style that is truly spectacular to behold. It’s a game with no real narration but rather the story is told through the environment itself and the player’s interaction with it. With no release date set for Rime, fans may have to wait a while before they get their hands on it but right now anticipation is high. To see Rime’s gorgeous world check out the trailer below:






Gamescom 2014: Five Games That Impressed

Last but not least is Wild, a game by Michel Ancel who was the creator of the Rayman series and Beyond Good and Evil. Debuting at Gamescom 2014, little is known about how the game will play apart from that you will be able to control both humans and animals as you explore an immersive and expansive world. The game again looks stunning and there is the potential for a great game here. Currently coming to PS4 there is unfortunately no release date yet for this one but Wild looks like a game worth keeping an eye on. You can check out the trailer below:



Honorable Mentions:

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor

FarCry 4

Life is Strange

Civilization: Beyond Earth



What did you think of Gamescom 2014? Which games impressed you the most?

Leave a comment at the bottom of this page and let me know.



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