Grand Theft Auto V’s Biggest Mystery Yields New Mission

Grand Theft Auto V’s Biggest Mystery Yields New Mission

In Grand Theft Auto V there have been references and hints at an extraterrestrial presence in some form or another for some time.

The 2013 game has seen plenty of threads and mystery hunters trying to uncover the mystery of Mount Chiliad which has some imagery of alien spacecraft on it.

Now the Chiliad Mystery Guru have seemingly discovered an entire mission dedicated to an alien spacecraft crash. You can check out the footage below at the 5.15 mark:


The group discovered the mission by delving into the game’s code, specifically files Rockstar updates to put content live after it is initially hidden in the code.

This latest reveal has come about due to the recent Gunrunning update which introduced new weapons, military vehicles and a mobile command centre to the ever popular GTA Online.

Rockstar is aware of its fans digging into programming and code and have incorporated that into larger mysteries and puzzles in the past.

What do you think of this extraterrestrial development in Grand Theft Auto V? Are you still playing GTA Online? What do you think of the Gunrunning update?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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