H1Z1 Renamed Just Survive with New Update

Multiplayer Survival Game H1Z1 Gets a New Name and New Map

The popular PC survival game H1Z1 has been renamed and updated with a number of changes including a new map.

Previously known as H1Z1 and later H1Z1:Just Survive, the game is now simply called Just Survive after development previously split between the original game and battle royale mode King of the Kill.

Developed by Brendan Greene aka PlayerUnknown, King of the Kill later entered development as its own spin-off game and is currently in early access for PC with an unknown release date on console.

Just Survive developer Daybreak Games Company says this update changes ‘many core aspects of the game’ and calls this update ‘a huge step forward’ in the studio’s ambition to be a complete, immersive survival experience.


The biggest change to the existing game is a new map called Badwater Canyon that replaces the game’s original map and will be rolled out slowly as it is created one region at a time.

A revamped loot system means new items for players to pick up, a rarity system and a clearer visual representation of items in the world, meanwhile weapons have been rebuilt from scratch and now have tiers.

Other changes include a base building mechanic called Stronghold which allows players to build their own customisable base along with traps and Golden Eagle Coins, a new in-game currency aimed at addressing item hoarding.

You can check out the full patch notes for H1Z1‘s update here.

H1Z1 first entered early access in January 2015 and involves teaming up with other players to survive against zombies.

Developer of spin-off King of the Kill went on to make the similar battle royale game, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds which has been enormously popular on Steam.

What do you think of this sizeable update to H1Z1 now known as Just Survive?

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