Horizon Zero Dawn Story Mode Offers Easier Playthrough

Horizon Zero Dawn Story Mode Offers a Less Challenging Campaign

Guerrilla Games have announced a Horizon Zero Dawn Story mode as part of today’s 1.32 patch.

The mode will make the game easier by boosting the damage Aloy can dish out while reducing damage taken when fighting machines.

Community manager at Guerrilla Games, Jeroen Roding said the following over on the PlayStation blog:

“Story difficulty allows you to immerse yourself in the narrative of Horizon Zero Dawn and the exploration of Aloy’s world without having to worry too much about combat.

“It is our hope that the new difficulty setting will help us welcome more players onto Aloy’s quest to discover her identity and the mysteries of the world she inhabits.”

The latest update also features a number of bug fixes and crashes.

Horizon Zero Dawn story mode

In July, the developer issued the 1.30 patch which added New Game+ and Ultra Hard mode as well as some new customisation options for Aloy’s Focus.

In November, The Frozen Wilds DLC will be available featuring a new area, new machines to fight plus a new mystery for Aloy to solve.

For Sony, Horizon Zero Dawn has been a big success, selling 3.4 million copies as of June 2017 making it the second best-selling PlayStation 4 game.

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