Jessica Jones: AKA 1000 Cuts Review

AKA 1000 Cuts Review

Well, that was certainly a dramatic episode of Jessica Jones. AKA 1000 Cuts was perhaps the most eventful and fast-paced episode yet. The episode picked up right where the last one left off as Kilgrave escaped with Hogarth in her car. Meanwhile, Will turned up after everyone leaves and did something unexpected while Hogarth was on the receiving end of some pretty barbaric violence at the hands of her ex-wife Wendy. AKA 1000 Cuts also showed us another flashback to Kilgrave’s time with Jessica as they each told two different versions of the same event, in which Jessica was supposedly free from Kilgrave’s influence for 18 seconds. There was a lot going on this episode, so let’s dive in.

Jessica Jones: AKA 1000 Cuts Review

Kilgrave quickly directed Hogarth to Wendy’s so that he could be patched up and so that he could fulfill his promise to her and force Wendy to sign the divorce papers. At least that was the plan. After having his wounds treated and having a heart to heart with Wendy about how cruel Jessica and Hogarth were to them, Kilgrave decides that Hogarth deserves a very nasty end indeed, namely death by 1,000 cuts. Hogarth is intentionally a character we aren’t supposed to root for but seeing her try to flee from Wendy as she cut her was pretty horrific. Luckily for Hogarth, Pam stepped in and put an end to Wendy’s attack, permanently. This was a very bloody episode with lots of death as some of the side characters are brushed aside in Kilgrave’s rampage. Wendy vs. Hogarth was perhaps the most dramatic and effective of these moments this episode.

Speaking of side characters, Clemons met a sudden end too as he ran into Will near the hermetically sealed room. Unfortunately for Clemons, Will was high on his drug therapy and shot him once he learned where Trish and Albert were located. I was quite shocked by this act because until very recently, Will was a small time player in terms of the plot and I just didn’t think he would shoot an innocent like Clemons in cold blood. I haven’t decided if I like this new direction from Will but at least he is more forceful in his actions rather than chasing after Jessica or Trish the whole time. Its unclear too if he has any control over his actions when taking these drugs or if he completely loses his mind.

As I said earlier this was a fast-paced episode. But that didn’t mean there wasn’t a pause for some quieter moments. One such moment came in the form of a flashback as Jessica and Kilgrave each told their version of events from when Kilgrave allegedly let Jessica’s mind control wear off. It was cool to see the difference in memory and Jessica’s version of events seem more likely, even if she did hallucinate running away on a white steed. In addition, Kilgrave comes to Jessica with an offer: give him his father and Hope goes free. It’s an enticing offer, one that Jessica goes along with albeit with an ace up her sleeve. It turns out Kilgrave’s powers are a virus and since Jessica can resist him, she is immune and Albert can manufacture a vaccine. Things don’t quite work out as planned though and the vaccine fails to stop Kilgrave from controlling his father when they meet in the restaurant. Hope made a big decision this episode to kill herself, ending a downward trajectory that began with murdering her parents and continued with aborting her child. It was a very sad end for Hope but simultaneously removed the one thing Jessica had been working towards most of this season and her reasoning for not killing Kilgrave.

Jessica Jones: AKA 1000 Cuts Review

AKA 1000 Cuts was a fantastic episode aside from the side plot involving the meddling Robyn, who unwittingly manages to help Kilgrave escape after attacking Jessica when she learned her brother’s true fate. The scene in the diner when Robyn discovers this was pretty comical. Malcolm isn’t the savviest of characters but how on earth did he miss Robyn sitting right behind him? That shouldn’t detract from what was a highly entertaining and dramatic episode of television. I can’t wait to see where the show goes from here. ss

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