Jessica Jones: AKA I’ve Got The Blues Review

AKA I’ve Got The Blues Review

AKA I’ve Got The Blues acted as a kind of reset for Jessica Jones. After the dramatic events of the last two episodes which included the deaths of Clemons, Wendy and Hope Shlottman. The episode jumped around a bit showing us flashbacks of Jessica and Trish when they were teenagers, Jessica in the present trying to track down a potentially deceased Albert and Will’s continuous drug habit which turns him into a super soldier. AKA I’ve Got The Blues definitely slowed down the pace of the show before we head into the final two episodes of the season.

Jessica Jones: AKA I've Got The Blues Review

The most successful aspect of this episode was the flashbacks which detailed numerous events from young Jessica’s life. The first one showed her regaining consciousness in the hospital after the car crash which killed her parents. In the background, she can hear Trish’s mother chastising Trish and stating that taking in Jessica would be a good PR opportunity. This half awake state that Jessica found herself in is also how she first hears of her parents and brothers death which was pretty sad and indicative of Mrs. Walker’s parenting skills. The second flashback showed Jessica discovering her powers and brokering a truce with Trish while the final flashback had Jessica using her powers for good for the first time.

These flashbacks were handled well and the actresses who portray young Jessica and young Trish do quite well with their uneasy dynamic. They also gave us some context into why Trish and Jessica hate Mrs. Walker so much, sure she’s clearly a manipulative person from what we’ve seen of her, but this episode gave us a more concrete reason to dislike her. The tone of the show has been dark throughout but this time it went a different kind of dark as Mrs. Walker proceeded to try to force Trish to throw up. Jessica rightfully steps in and kicks her ass. These scenes also helped the audience understand Trish and Jessica’s relationship better. Trish starts off aloof and uncaring when they first adopt Jessica but quickly turns into an ally as Jessica discovers her powers and saves her from her mother. This all ran parallel to a mystery regarding IGH, a shady organisation responsible for Will’s drug therapy and seemingly Jessica’s recovery in hospital as a child and acquisition of powers. I doubt we will hear too much more on this anytime soon but its an intriguing thread for Jessica next season.

Jessica Jones: AKA I've Got The Blues Review

The rest of this episode ranged from OK to sub-par in my opinion. Jessica’s sleuthing and hallucination were adequate but by the end of the episode they felt like they were all a set-up to injure Jessica, making her an easier fight for Will. The fight itself was entertaining as Will and Jessica tear through her apartment smashing through walls and destroying furniture. You can’t help but feel though, that under normal circumstances Jessica would have won this fight easily. Just as things aren’t looking too good for Jessica, Trish arrives, pops a few red pills and proceeds to beat the hell out of Will. Her sudden fighting prowess was a little hard to believe. True, she has been practicing, we were shown that many episodes ago but Will is a trained special forces soldier, why was he such a pushover in the end? Overall, his drug obsession isn’t as compelling or interesting as the hunt for Kilgrave and it really showed this episode. It seems like something more likely to appear in Agents of SHIELD rather than Jessica Jones. Hopefully, now Luke is back in the fray the show can pick up the Kilgrave trail once more.

Although there were some interesting scenes in AKA I’ve Got The Blues, the episode failed to get off the ground due to the focus on Will and his drug habit. The flashbacks gave us some context into the dynamic between Jessica, Trish and Mrs. Walker but weren’t quite enough to make this one of the better episodes of Jessica Jones.


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