Jessica Jones: AKA Sin Bin Review

AKA Sin Bin Review

AKA Sin Bin, episode 9 of Jessica Jones, gave us another look at Kilgrave’s parents and childhood as Jessica tries to force Kilgrave to use his powers on camera. What followed was a whole group of people gathering to watch a dramatic reunion between Kilgrave and his family. Elsewhere, Will miraculously recovered from his serious injuries by popping a few red pills while Malcolm tried his best to remain the only truly good character on the show.

The scenes with Kilgrave in the hermetically sealed chamber were all great to watch this episode. AKA Sin Bin established Kilgrave’s manipulative abilities and his tragic past by introducing his parents, Albert and Louise Thompson. While Kilgrave paints them as cruel and sadistic, Jessica discovers that their version of events is very different and that they were trying to save their son from a neurological disease. Although we don’t find out the truth, it probably lies somewhere in between these two stories. I’m not inclined to fully trust the Thompson’s after seeing how cruelly they treated their son. However, after the conclusion of this week’s episode and taking into consideration past misdeeds, it’s also hard to feel too much sympathy for Kilgrave. Nevertheless, I’m glad these characters aren’t evil for evil’s sake, they have their own motivations for their individual actions.

Jessica Jones: AKA Sin Bin Review

There was a lot of moralistic debate in AKA Sin Bin with Hogarth, Trish and detective Clemons all throwing in their opinion. Jessica was bullish about her intentions of forcing a confession or evidence from Kilgrave and she had no qualms about putting Kilgrave’s parents in harm’s way. It was cool to see her have the power over Kilgrave this episode in a reverse of AKA WWJD? It was also interesting that we got another fairly self-contained episode so soon. Compared to the numerous crimes Kilgrave commits on a daily basis, its hard for the audience to agree with anyone but Jessica, however I feel Hogarth had a point about the evidence being admissible while he’s a captive. I was glad Hogarth’s divorce proceedings had a point in all of this, as she (presumably) aided Kilgrave’s escape by cutting the kill switch. Hogarth’s selfishness in this is a big step for her character but it matches up to what we’ve seen of her so far.

Jessica Jones: AKA Sin Bin Review

In between scenes of Kilgrave’s captivity, we were shown what happened to Will after his team were blown up outside Jessica’s house. Trish sped Will to a hospital where he quickly recovered thanks to a Dr. Kozlov. I had some problems with these developments as they could have used more fleshing out. Maybe I missed an explanation but how did Trish get to Will so quickly? We weren’t really given an idea as to the seriousness of Will’s injuries but presumably he was in pretty bad shape. The drug therapy seemed out of left field and we were suddenly told to go with it. Will’s character can come across as one-dimensional at the best of times and I don’t think this subplot his going to do his character any favours.

Finally, let’s talk about the dramatic conclusion to AKA Sin Bin. Kilgrave’s escape was awesome to watch if a little predictable, I thought something was bound to go wrong with that many people involved. After a very violent death for Louise Thompson and a near miss for her husband, Trish shoots Kilgrave in the arm and Hogarth flees. Kilgrave manages to escape thanks to some mind control and Clemons but most importantly, we learn Kilgrave has no power over Jessica anymore. It’s a crucial development which genuinely worried Kilgrave and gives Jessica the upper hand.

AKA Sin Bin was a very enjoyable episode of Jessica Jones despite some plot holes regarding Will and his miraculous recovery. Learning more about Kilgrave from his parents, seeing Jessica have some power over him and the dramatic conclusion were all strong elements and the show is really picking up steam as we head into the final four episodes.

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