Jessica Jones: AKA Take A Bloody Number Review

AKA Take A Bloody Number Review

In this penultimate episode of Jessica Jones Season 1, Jessica was forced to fight Luke who had been ‘Kilgraved’, Kilgrave continued to attempt to enhance his powers while wondering why Jessica doesn’t like him and Trish learned more about the mysterious organization IGH, courtesy of her mother. AKA Take A Bloody Number was a somewhat exposition-heavy episode as the show moved pieces around in preparation for the inevitable confrontation with Kilgrave in the finale.

The most interesting scenes this episode revolved around Luke and Jessica with the writers devoting some screen time to their apparent reconciliation. It seems Luke has forgiven Jessica for Reva’s death after experiencing Kilgrave’s powers first hand while Jessica feels even more guilty now that Luke’s bar is destroyed and he has been drawn into her conflict with Kilgrave once more. However, the reveal that Luke was still under Kilgrave’s control the whole time, thanks to some science-y stuff from his father, cast the forgiveness Luke felt into doubt. Did he really forgive Jessica or was it part of Kilgrave’s plan after Luke confessed the nature of their relationship? It was also nice to see Luke wasn’t sitting idly by while Jessica confronted Kilgrave in the restaurant since he’s been absent for a few episodes.

Jessica Jones: AKA Take A Bloody Number Review

Luke’s a very honest character which made it more surprising that he’d been under Kilgrave’s control the whole time. What followed was a brutal fight between Luke and Jessica as she tried to chase after Kilgrave while also running from Luke. It was a cool fight as Luke is essentially a walking tank, I especially liked when he smashed through the wall to get to Jessica. She also didn’t want to hurt Luke although I wasn’t sure she’d even be able to until the final scene. It was sad to see Jessica have to shoot Luke, someone she genuinely cares about, much to everyone’s surprise including Trish. The moment was undermined somewhat though if you have been following the behind-the-scenes of Marvel’s television properties and are aware that Luke Cage will get his own show in the near future.

There was also some scenes in AKA Take A Bloody Number involving Trish and her mother. This certainly feels like Season 2 set-up now as we see Trish reading more about IGH but not really telling Jessica the full extent of whatever revelation hides in those files. Mrs Walker appears to want in on Trish’s life again but Trish isn’t buying it. I hope it remains that way because her mother is clearly a manipulative and controlling person and for Trish to say all is forgiven anytime soon would be a bit of a leap. Kilgrave also showed off his intimidation tactics as he threatened his father by having him place his hand in a blender. This was well shot and did make me cringe as Kilgrave is an unpredictable villain who can fly off the handle at any time but he’s also not stupid and probably realised his father would work faster with both hands intact.

Although it wasn’t the strongest episode of this season, AKA Take A Bloody Number set up some interesting conflict for Jessica going into the finale including the mystery of IGH, the fate of Luke and finally ending Kilgrave’s rampage. While the side plot involving Trish and her mother wasn’t particularly compelling, the scenes between Jessica and Luke were well acted and showed that the two characters may have reached an understanding that wasn’t there before. I’m eager to see what happens with Jessica and Kilgrave in the finale.

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