Jessica Jones: AKA The Sandwich Saved Me Review

Jessica Jones: AKA The Sandwich Saved Me Review

‘AKA The Sandwich Saved Me’ used flashbacks for the first time in the show, saw Jessica, Will and Trish team up to try and take down Kilgrave and showed us the time Jessica saved a young girl’s life while dressed as a giant sandwich, hence the title of episode 5. This episode worked well because in the present day things were heating up in terms of the hunt for Kilgrave and the flashbacks added moments of levity and humour to the show. Will also showed himself to be more than a bumbling cop as he revealed he was previously in the special forces.

Jessica Jones: AKA The Sandwich Saved Me Review

The show started off with a flashback 16 months earlier, with Jessica working a boring desk job in an office. It was fun to see Jessica in this setting and the blackmailing of her boss suggests she had the skills to be a private investigator before she met Kilgrave. One thing the flashbacks did establish was the timeline of events. I always assumed Jessica met Kilgrave a long time ago but truthfully these events occurred over the last 12-18 months. The flashbacks also showed that Jessica was less reluctant to show off her powers in public, angrily overturning filing cabinets and beating some douche guy at a punching bag game. As I said earlier, these scenes added moments of humour to a pretty dark show, they showed that Trish and Jessica used to be closer and the conversation regarding super-heroics was pretty funny.

Just when Jessica is about ready to let loose with her powers and do some good, saving none other than Malcolm from being attacked, Kilgrave enters the scene. David Tennant’s Kilgrave is very sinister and his discovery of Jessica was like a child discovering a new toy at Christmas. He can’t believe his luck, he’s found someone like him, someone with powers to manipulate to his heart’s content. Unlike other mind control in the Marvel cinematic universe such as Loki’s scepter in The Avengers, Kilgrave’s mind control of Jessica is likely to lead down a much darker path than simply world domination. Towards the end of this episode, Kilgrave asks Jessica to keep sending him photos or Malcolm will be in danger and Jessica complies for Malcolm’s sake. This demonstrates that this really is all a game to Kilgrave, he let Trish go free after her radio apology and now Malcolm to have something over Jessica. Jessica reluctantly does as he asks, but can she really count her and her friends safe after this episode?

Jessica Jones Episode 5 Review

The main plot of ‘AKA The Sandwich Saved Me’ was about kidnapping Kilgrave and freeing Malcolm.. It was neat to see Jessica, Will and Trish team up to take down Kilgrave even if it ultimately ended in failure. It seems Will is more than just a police officer, revealing he was previously in the special forces and showing off some fighting skills when they were ambushed. Other than that, we weren’t given a great deal of explanation, hopefully more of Will’s back story will be revealed later because at the moment his character needs more context. There was a nice parallel between the flashbacks in which Trish talked about wanting to be a hero and feeling she let her friend down in the fight against Kilgrave’s men. It was cool to see that Kilgrave didn’t need mind control to save himself this episode, instead he used a much simpler motivator: money. It seemed fairly obvious that this kidnapping wouldn’t work out and it showed that Kilgrave has contingency plans if he lost his powers. Jessica and her friends will have to be smarter about their approach next time. Unluckily for Jessica, her strained relationship with Luke Cage presumably prevented her from asking for his help but you can’t help but think the plan would have worked if his brute strength was involved. Although Kilgrave has already been stalking Jessica, you’d think that this latest development will have painted even bigger targets onto the backs of Jessica and her allies.

Finally, this was an episode where we saw more of Malcolm and how Kilgrave has manipulated him. While coming down off his drug habit he reveals to Jessica that it wasn’t always mind control that was making him go to Kilgrave, eventually he just wanted the drugs. However, since Kilgrave got him hooked on them to begin with you can’t help but feel sorry for him. Jessica obviously thought so, choosing to help him in the end as she is doing with Hope. Kilgrave stating that Malcolm would have ended up that way anyway was a despicable thing to say and Malcolm’s scenes in the bathroom with Jessica were well done, Malcolm here was clearly at rock bottom.

‘AKA The Sandwich Saved Me’ was another strong episode of Jessica Jones showing us more about Kilgrave and upping the action in terms of the kidnapping. The show used flashbacks for the first time and like its show in the same universe, Daredevil, the flashbacks work well to add context, meaning and levity to an otherwise dark show. There was a neat theme this episode about being a hero, Jessica decided to help Malcolm once more and for someone who distances herself from people, Jessica is showing herself recently as someone who will inevitably do the right thing.

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