Jessica Jones: AKA You’re A Winner Review

AKA You’re A Winner Review

AKA You’re A Winner is the half way point of Jessica Jones and it gave the audience some significant developments. Jessica and Luke teamed up to find an acquaintance of Luke’s who owes a loan shark some money, we saw a different side to Malcolm who is now clean and Luke finally learned the truth about his wife’s tragic death. There was also change in Hope’s story as we learn she is pregnant with Kilgrave’s child.

It was cool to see Jessica and Luke team up for the first time to track down Antoine Greer whom we later learn has ripped off a loan shark named Sirkes. After coming face to face with the loan shark who of course, uses the pair to locate Greer for himself, there was a neat fight scene in the warehouse with Jessica and Luke proving themselves more than capable fighters against Sirkes and his men. It will be interesting to see if Jessica ever comes up against a foe that is physically superior in a real fight such as Luke which seems more likely after the conclusion to this episode.

Jessica was forced to share the truth with Luke this episode when she realised why Luke was chasing down Antoine. His sister held something important, the truth about his wife’s death or so he thought. It turns out the reports were manipulated to implicate the bus driver who it claimed had been drinking that night and ran down Reva. In a blind rage, Luke almost killed the bus driver before Jessica stepped in. Although I understand her reasoning, there were multiple times this episode where I thought Jessica should just come clean, the longer she kept it secret the worse things were going to get. Luke was understandably distraught at being lied to and he left Jessica alone once more. Luke has been in the dark since the premiere and its nice to see him finally learn the truth and learn about Kilgrave too.

Elsewhere, Malcolm has kicked his drug habit and joined up with Jessica’s support group for Kilgrave victims. Malcolm actually gave Jessica some advice, telling her it wasn’t a competition and that she should share her story with the other victims. Being a closed-minded woman though, Jessica showed no interest. Meanwhile, Hope’s story continues to tread a dark path as we learn she is pregnant after being kidnapped by Kilgrave. Although Jessica asks her to think things through, Hope knows that she can’t carry the child in good conscience and chooses to abort the baby. It will be interesting to see if Hope ever does recover with Jessica doing all she can to help her, will there be any light at the end of the tunnel for this character? The evidence so far would suggest not. Then Hogarth decides to chip in, paying off the nurse to send her the fetus of Hope’s child!? Hogarth’s intentions can’t be good and her interest in Kilgrave’s powers would imply she’s going to try to somehow replicate his mind control powers. The more we see of Hogarth, the more it becomes clear she’s not a very nice person, to her ex-wife, to Jessica or to her clients.

Jessica Jones: AKA You're A Winner Review

Overall, AKA You’re A Winner was a decent episode with Jessica and Luke working well together as a team only to be torn apart again by Jessica’s big secret. The weak point of this episode was actually Kilgrave. His subplot was meandering and despite it being cool to see him be persuasive without any mind control, it was a very long-winded way of saying he’s bought Jessica’s old house. The dramatic music and the reveal of the street corner felt a little overdone too. Nevertheless, AKA You’re A Winner offered us some more clues as to what Kilgrave was after the night he was hit by the bus and pointed towards an even more difficult relationship between Luke and Jessica.


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