Jessica Jones Episode 2 Review

Jessica Jones Episode 2 Review

Episode 2 of Jessica Jones picks up where the first episode left off with Jessica now on the hunt for Kilgrave. This episode demonstrated Jessica’s investigative skills and also revealed the super powered nature of Luke Cage. We were given scenes between Jessica and Trish Walker who is played by Rachael Taylor (Transformers) showing us the dynamic between Jessica and her ex-best friend. Finally, we learned how Kilgrave supposedly died years earlier and how he survived.

It became clear this episode that Jessica feels some sort of responsibility for Luke Cage and in a personal rather than a professional capacity. Pretending she was hired by Gina’s husband and revealing the truth about her to Luke showed she cared about him emotionally and rushing to his aid in the bar fight showed she cared for his safety. It’s important to have these moments because it illustrates there is a kinder side to Jessica’s personality and she’s not just an angry, self-absorbed person. Speaking of the bar fight, we got to see Jessica and Luke show off their abilities as they flung people across the room and Luke casually shrugged off being stabbed in the neck with a bottle. It will be interesting to see how their attitudes towards one another changes now they know that they have something in common.

Jessica Jones Episode 2 Review

Mike Colter as Luke Cage

There were a lot of interesting scenes this episode, I particularly enjoyed Jessica investigating Kilgrave’s survival. The character seems at home when she’s chasing down clues and its a strong feature of the comic and the series. This all culminated with an encounter with Dr. Kurata who had helped Kilgrave fake his death and performed a double kidney transplant on him. Jessica now sees a potential weakness in Kilgrave because the doctor reveals Kilgrave didn’t want to be put under anesthetic as it seems it could dampen his mind controlling abilities. This episode put Jessica one step closer to finding Kilgrave and proved to Hogarth that Kilgrave is real. It also seems Hope will be an ongoing part of the story rather than just another victim.

At the end of the episode we got to see Kilgrave in real life, using his power on an unsuspecting family. David Tennant plays Kilgrave with power and authority and the character is just as creepy in the flesh as he is when Jessica imagines or remembers him. The question remains over how powerful Kilgrave really is, does he only have the ability to make individuals like Hope and Dr. Kurata fear him or can he control hundreds or thousands at once?

Jessica Jones Episode 2 Review

David Tennant as Kilgrave

Overall, Episode 2 of Jessica Jones was another good episode. We got to see Jessica’s investigative skills which make her such a good P.I. and we saw Luke’s secret. I like that the show is moving quickly and doesn’t appear to be taking on a format in which Jessica has a different client every week. Ultimately, this is a personal journey for her and this episode illustrated how many victims Kilgrave leaves in his wake.

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