Jessica Jones Episode 4 Review

Jessica Jones Episode 4 Review

This episode of Jessica Jones followed up on the last episode’s confrontation with Kilgrave and revealed just who had been taking all those pictures of Jessica. Our private investigator also took on another case, that of Audrey Eastman who believed her husband had been cheating on her but, as is often the case on Jessica Jones, there was more to the case than infidelity. Finally, we were given some insight into Kilgrave’s many victims and the extent of his powers.

First, let’s start off with the case of the Eastman’s. Jessica was understandably wary of taking on another client given that her last clients ended up murdered in her elevator. Turns out she had good reason to be skeptical. It appeared that Audrey was ready to take matters into her own hands concerning her husband when Jessica found her training with a gun, however that training was intended for Jessica instead. A lot of the references to the Marvel cinematic universe on TV can be a little weak, but this was a pretty good tie in. It turns out Eastman lost someone close to her in the battle of New York (The Avengers) and so has an admittedly, over-the-top hatred of super powered people. This really pisses Jessica off, after all what did she do wrong? She began flinging objects around the room and offered the couple a dire ultimatum. This was a cool twist and added emphasis to the idea of those with powers being marginalised in society.

Jessica Jones Episode 4 Review


Outside of Jessica’s adventures this week, we were given some more scenes with Trish and Will, the cop from last week’s episode. It turns out he can’t let go of the fact that he may have murdered someone in cold blood and goes to investigate. What followed was a heart-to-heart between the pair that added some depth to Trish’s character and gave some personality to Will after seeing him confused and disoriented last week. After Trish’s radio apology, Kilgrave has backed off but more of his victims have come forward to none other than Hogarth. It really hits home that Kilgrave has messed up a lot of people who are mentally scarred by their experience. In addition, another minor subplot continues to unfold between Hogarth and her ex-wife. I’m not sure where this aspect of the plot is going and Hogarth’s actions seem cruel and unwarranted. The dynamic would benefit from some more context to their divorce and prior relationship.

Jessica Jones Episode 4 Review


Now let’s talk about the big reveal this episode. It turns out Malcolm is Kilgrave’s spy and the show insinuates his drug habit is also part of Kilgrave’s scheme to have him remain undetected. I really liked this reveal because Malcolm’s character wasn’t coming off well or going anywhere until now. It also must make Jessica feel pretty bad for using him back at the hospital. We also learned over the course of this episode that Kilgrave’s powers have limits – he can only control his victims for 10-12 hours before needing to come into contact with them again. It’s also clear from the radio apology that the man has an ego, could this also be part of his downfall?

Jessica Jones continues to impress four episodes in, with some much-needed depth and meaning added to its side characters such as Trish, Will and Malcolm although Hogarth’s character still needs development. Jessica’s world continues to be dark and foreboding as she faces threats not just from Kilgrave but those with prejudices like Audrey Eastman. It will be interesting to see how Jessica deals with the latest development concerning Malcolm in the next episode.

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