John Boyega Wants A Star Wars Battlefront Campaign

John Boyega Wants A Star Wars Battlefront Campaign

The Force Awakens’s John Boyega wants a Star Wars Battlefront campaign according to the actor’s posts on Twitter

Boyega tweeted EA’s Star Wars Battlefront page the following:

EA replied asking Boyega if he’d played the Missions to which the actor responded:

EA’s Star Wars Battlefront is for the most part a multiplayer experience allowing players to participate in various battles in the Star Wars universe.

Instead of a traditional single player campaign or story mode, the game contains Missions which involve players going up against AI opponents including Training, Survival (essentially a Horde mode), Battles and Hero Battles.

EA recently detailed the upcoming Outer Rim DLC for the game which includes two new Tatooine maps; Jabba’s Palace and a sail barge garage and a map in the industrial areas of the volcanic planet, Sullust.

Also included in the DLC are two new heroes to play as in Greedo and Nien Nunb and a new mode called Extraction which involves transporting resources to a transport before time runs out.

The DLC is included in the game’s season pass and the game has been a commercial success for EA.

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