Joker Origin Film Reportedly in Early Stages at Warner Bros.

Joker Origin Film Would Be Separate From The DCEU

A new report has emerged that a Joker origin film is in the works at Warner Bros.

This news was broke by Deadline who claim that director Todd Phillips (The Hangover) is on board to co-write a script with Scott Silver and also direct.

Unlike the spin-off anti-hero film Suicide Squad, this Joker story will not be part of the DCEU and will instead be part of a broader initiative to explore some of DC’s characters outside of the universe’s continuity.

This means that Suicide Squad‘s Jared Leto will not be playing the Joker in this particular picture with a different actor taking on the mantle of the criminal.

According to the report, this film will take place in the 1980’s going for the tone of a gritty, crime film.

One big name attached to the project is Martin Scorsese who will work as a producer on the film and who also directed 80’s crime films like Taxi Driver.

Joker origin film

The Killing Joke famously explored the Joker’s backstory in 1988.

This is yet another Bat-universe spin-off rumoured to be in the works over at Warner Bros. with a Batgirl and a Gotham City Sirens film supposedly in the works.

Many of the stories surrounding the Joker in the comics and other media has kept away from the character’s origin, instead opting for a more mysterious backstory for the clown prince of crime.

Notable exceptions include 1989’s The Killing Joke written by Alan Moore which depicts the character as a comedian who is reluctantly drawn into crime and subsequently falls into chemicals because of Batman’s intervention.

A similar approach was taken in the 1989 Batman film where Jack Nicholson portrayed the exuberant villain.

What do you think of a Joker origin film? Who would you cast in a 1980’s inspired DC film as the Joker?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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