New Mass Effect Andromeda Trailer and Details

New Mass Effect Andromeda Trailer and Details

Yesterday a new trailer was released for Mass Effect Andromeda as part of N7 day, an annual commemoration of all things Mass Effect spearheaded by developer Bioware and publisher EA.

You can check out the new cinematic trailer below which includes strange new planets, giant alien creatures and new glimpses of story:


In addition to yesterday’s trailer, Game Informer announced that their December issue’s cover story would be Mass Effect Andromeda and promised lots of new details and now many of those details have been revealed via NeoGAF.

We now know more about the backstory of the game. The Andromeda Initiative started in 2185 after the effects of Mass Effect but before the Reaper invasion in Mass Effect 3. The initiative contains four Arks, hosting thousands of individuals each carrying a different race to settle in the resource rich Andromeda frontier. The inhabitants have been in cryo-sleep for their voyage and have no indication of the events of Mass Effect 3.

Each of these arks are led by a pathfinder and you play as the son/daughter of the human Pathfinder, Alec Ryder. As usual in Mass Effect you will be able to customise your name and appearance and even customise to a lesser extent your father and brother/sister.

There have been several changes to combat and gameplay. One of these is the jetpack which allows for increased movement and quick dashes to avoid damage. Other changes include a more dynamic cover system and powers assigned to hotkeys rather than the power wheel which Mass Effect fans are accustomed to (although the wheel is still an option). Classes are no more in Mass Effect Andromeda allowing you to have a mix of biotic, tech and combat skills. You can also respec your points throughout the game to try new play styles.

Mass Effect Andromeda

The main enemy in the game is the ‘Kett’ and Bioware wants them to feel foreboding but also allow the player to empathize with them. Critical paths, optional planets and loyalty missions all return as does the new improved ‘Mako’. One priority on planets is to scout for drop zones to drop ‘forward stations’ which act as fast travel points and areas to change your loadout. As Andromeda is a new galaxy, Ryder can scan the environment for things to be sent back for analysis which unlocks new technology or blueprints for crafting new weapons and armour.

Your ship, the Tempest harkens back to the Normandy and will have no loading screens when traversing the ship. Bioware wants to make it as seamless as possible for players to move from the ship to a planet.

Mass Effect Andromeda

There are more relationships in this game than any other previous Bioware game and there is a plot thread dedicated to the Ryder family. Loyalty missions are not tied to the ending of the game and can be done after the main story is completed. Relationships are promised to be more complex and romances won’t just culminate in a sex scene, with different characters having different motivations. The Paragon/Renegade system is gone so that choices feel more nuanced; agreeing or disagreeing with someone won’t be classed as a Paragon/Renegade choice. Dialogue options are now ‘heart, head, professional and casual’. These choices won’t fill up a meter or set you on a path but instead allow for more player freedom. Actions such as ‘interrupts’ in the previous game are no longer good or bad but more ambiguous.

As for multiplayer, Bioware has iterated on Mass Effect 3‘s multiplayer with a card based economy with XP and credits. Microtransactions are present but all items can be unlocked in the regular fashion. You play as Apex Force in multiplayer, a militia strike team. Multiplayer will give you advantages in the single player but has no effect on the ending.

Mass Effect Andromeda is scheduled for a Spring 2017 release and for more on the game click here.

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