Minions Review

Minions Review

You don’t have to go far to see some form of Minions merchandise nowadays and the small yellow creatures have become very popular in their own right. When they have appeared in the Despicable Me films they often steal the show but does their charm extend to their own feature film? The film begins with a showcase of the minions throughout time as they try and fail to hold onto an evil master for an extended period of time. Something always goes wrong from a T-Rex or a caveman to Napoleon. Consequently the minions become depressed at which point three minions, the main characters of the film, Kevin, Stuart and Bob venture out in search of a new master.


For the most part, Minions is an entertaining, fun but somewhat bland film. Concerns over whether the minions can hold the audience’s attention for an hour and a half can be put to rest though because the film remains fun and amusing to watch throughout its running time. This is due to some funny moments with the titular beings and a talented voice cast which breaks up the usual gibberish dialogue. Sandra Bullock plays Scarlet Overkill, a potential new master for the minions to serve, and she brings a lot of personality to the film even it is over the top. The supporting cast includes the likes of John Hamm and Michael Keaton while Geoffrey Rush keeps the plot moving along as the narrator.


Minions Review

Sandra Bullock as Scarlet Overkill


If you liked Despicable Me, then chances are you will enjoy Minions too. There are some nice easter eggs and nods to the films, some obvious and some more subtle especially once Kevin, Stuart and Bob reach Villain-Con. The creators were smart enough to focus on three minions rather than overwhelming the audience and Kevin, Stuart and Bob all have their own personalities which makes watching them more palatable. They also tend to make more sense than previous films and you can always tell what they are feeling and thinking.


Minions Review

Kevin, Stuart and Bob


Although Minions is a fun ride it doesn’t always do enough to hold the audience’s attention. While the opening sequence is fun, the overall start of the film is quite slow and it takes Kevin, Stuart and Bob a little while to really get anywhere. Not every joke hits its mark and the overall plot of the film isn’t particularly groundbreaking or interesting. Much of the plot revolves around England and a plan to steal the Queen’s crown allowing for quite a few stereotypical jokes about Londoners. The overall story of Minions just fails to have any impact and the film didn’t really make me want to go back and see it again. In addition, the impact of the minions is lessened simply because they aren’t used as sparingly as they were in the Despicable Me films but this was pretty much unavoidable.


That said, Minions is still a fun, easy watch and there is enjoyment to be had especially for younger audiences. If you didn’t like minions before, then this film is unlikely to change your opinion. However, Illumination Entertainment has done a decent job of ensuring the Minions get their moment in the spotlight with enough fun moments given to Kevin, Stuart and Bob and adequate personality given to their human master, Scarlet Overkill.



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