Naughty Dog Talks Life After Uncharted 4

Naughty Dog on its Future Titles

Uncharted 4 isn’t due for release until March 18th 2016 but that hasn’t stopped people speculating about what projects are coming next from Naughty Dog.

In an interview with Finder, Community Strategist at Naughty Dog, Arne Meyer said this when asked about future titles on current gen hardware:

I mean I have no doubt – I don’t know what the timelines are – but we have at least one, maybe two games left in the console generation, maybe more. Clearly we can release a game really late in a console generation and do well, right?

Meyer is referring to The Last of Us which was released late on in the PS3’s life cycle to an overwhelmingly positive reception and the game has since been remastered for PS4.

Although we have few indications from the developer what its next game will be, there have been rumours and suggestions that it will be The Last of Us 2, which would make sense given Uncharted 4 is supposed to be Nathan Drake’s swan song.

Of course, it is entirely possible that Naughty Dog is working on a new IP altogether.


What would you like to see next from Naughty Dog? A sequel or something new? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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