New Netflix Anime Shows Announced

Plenty of New Netflix Anime Headed to Screens Soon

Several new Netflix anime shows are headed to the streaming platform in the near future.

There’s a whole host of shows coming including an animated Godzilla movie produced by Polygon Pictures. You can check out the full list of shows and their descriptions in the full press release but below are a couple of the highlights.

A.I.C.O Incarnation is being produced by the creators of popular anime My Hero Academia and focuses on the year 2035 in Japan and a student named Aiko Kanzaki who uncovers a mystery that leads to the ‘Primary Point’ – the source of an accident called the Burst which killed her family. The series is coming to Netflix in Spring 2018.

You can see a teaser trailer for the show below:


Devilman Crybaby is based on the 1972 anime that involves an invasion by demons to our planet. The only way for Akira to defeat the demons is to unite with one, gaining supernatural powers while retaining the soul of a human. The Netflix anime will also be arriving in Spring 2018.

Check out the trailer below:


Do you like the sound of these two new Netflix anime?

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Netflix also have a number of shows in development based on existing franchises including a series based on The Witcher and an Assassin’s Creed anime.

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