No Man’s Sky Update Includes Missions, Fast Travel and 30 Hours of Story

The Atlas Rises No Man’s Sky Update Adds Several Features

Developer Hello Games have announced their latest update for the procedurally generated space game, No Man’s Sky titled Atlas Rises.

The British studio announced the changes via their website which contains the full list of changes and patch notes.

No Man's Sky

After introducing planetary vehicles and base building in earlier updates, Hello Games have released this update around the game’s one year anniversary adding missions, fast travel and 30 hours of new story content.

Here’s a rundown of the biggest changes to the game:

  • 30 hours of new story content doubling the lore and interactions of the previous iteration which adds quests and a branching narrative surrounding a new, mysterious alien race.
  • Systems now have wealth, economy and conflict levels with new galactic technology allowing you to filter systems by these criteria along with improved navigation.
  • New and exotic planets.
  • Salvage missions and crashed freighters to search for resources.

No Man's Sky

  • Brand new mission system which are constantly generated and cater for scanning, exploration, trading and combat. Improve standing with NPC guilds to unlock more advanced missions.
  • New trade goods, a tiered crafting system and gas harvesters change the profitability of crafting and trading.
  • Terrain editing allows players to make their bases look even more unique.
  • Ancient portals allow the player to revisit planets, other bases or brand new worlds.
  • Improved ship manoeuvrability for better dog fighting and a lower flight ability for in-atmosphere combat.
  • Joint exploration allows some limited interaction with other players. Up to 16 players can see and communicate appearing as orbs with some basic voice capabilities available when in close proximity.

What do you think of these changes to No Man’s Sky? Are they enough to convince you to jump back into the game or pick it up for the first time?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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