Sony E3 2014 Press Conference Highlights

Sony E3 2014 Press Conference Highlights

While not as game-centric as Microsoft’s conference, Sony had plenty to show including exclusives, new IP’s and new hardware. This conference also ran longer than Microsoft’s, perhaps a little too long, but gave a good impression of what’s to come for Playstation owners in the coming months and years. Here are 5 highlights from the conference:

The Order: 1886

Like last year, the Order: 1866 was showcased at Sony’s conference. Rather than a short cinematic trailer, this time we were introduced to some gameplay as the lead character crept through an eerie setting and fought a monster that was part zombie, part werewolf. The game looked beautiful and featured seamless transition from gameplay to cutscene. While the game won’t release until 2015, the Order: 1886 looks to be one of Sony’s most promising titles.

The Order: 1866

The Order: 1866


Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

The conference closed with a look at Naughty Dog’s latest iteration of the popular franchise. From the sounds of it Nathan Drake has been out of the game for a while, but is set to return once more. Although just a short trailer was shown, the graphics look breathtaking and the game will no doubt be a hit when it releases in 2015.


Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End


New Hardware

As well as games, Sony revealed a new ‘Glacier’ white Playstation 4 that will come out later this year in September which will be available as a new bundle that also contains Destiny and a 30-day voucher for Playstation Plus. This is a great deal to entice those who haven’t made the switch to next-gen yet especially as it comes with the highly anticipated Bungie game, Destiny. In addition, Sony revealed that Playstation TV, previously available in some other territories, will be making its way to the US. Finally, a release date was set for the beta of Playstation Now, Sony’s game streaming service, will begin on July 31st.

Sony's new bundle

Sony’s new bundle


Indie Titles

Sony also announced  a wealth of new indie titles for the Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita including Hotline Miami 2, Broforce and Titan Souls. While not massive game-changers in the grand scheme of themes, it’s nice to see Sony still support the smaller, independent developers as it has done with the Playstation 3 and the Playstation Vita.


Exclusive Content

While it’s important to remember many of the third-party titles on display will be available on both Xbox One and Playstation 4, Sony may have the edge when it comes to convincing customers which platform to go for. Destiny, Farcry 4, Disney Infinity and Dead Island 2, will all have exclusive content on Playstation 4. Although the specifics around some of this exclusivity, such as whether it is a timed exclusivity, was unclear. But it will be a positive for Sony moving forward.

Playstation 4 will have exclusive content for Dead Island 2 and Destiny

Playstation 4 will have exclusive content for Dead Island 2 and Destiny


If you missed the highlights of Microsoft’s press conference, click here.


What did you think of Sony’s conference? Did you prefer Microsoft’s? Leave a comment below.

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