Spectre Villains Have A ‘Human Side’

Spectre Villains Have A ‘Human Side’

According to recent interviews, Spectre villains are to have a ‘human side’ in the upcoming James Bond film. New details have emerged about Christoph Waltz’s character, Frank Oberhauser and his henchman Mr. Hinx played by Dave Bautista (Guardians of the Galaxy).

In an interview with USA Today, actress Lea Seydoux who will play Madeleine Swann said the following about Frank Oberhauser:

He’s mean. But he has a human side…I don’t know if I can say touching, but you can have a real attachment to him. You have empathy (for him), and that’s why he’s going to be great in this role.

Meanwhile, Dave Bautista told the Daily Mail that his character was downright charming:

On the surface Mr Hinx isn’t a monster, he is very well-dressed. He is very charming. And he never forgets his manners. For me that is what makes him so terrifying. He comes across as the sort of man who holds the door open for people. But beneath that he is a highly trained, cold-blooded killer.

It seems we won’t be receiving straight forward, one-dimensional villains then when Spectre releases in October. The film will see James Bond investigating a secret organization while M, played by Ralph Fiennes will work to protect the agency.

In case you missed it, you can see the latest trailer for Spectre here.

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