The LEGO Movie Review

The LEGO Movie is a light-hearted journey that follows Emmet voiced by Chris Pratt, an ordinary LEGO mini-figure that follows the rules of his LEGO world and has few friends. But after a chance encounter Emmet becomes recognized as the most important and extraordinary person ever and is the key to saving the world from the evil President Business voiced by Will Ferrell. At first glance a film about LEGO seems unlikely to succeed, however directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller managed just that. The LEGO Movie is a creative, entertaining and hilarious adventure through various locations with characters both recognizable and new taking to the big screen.


First of all, to point out the obvious, everything is made of LEGO! From the characters to the backdrops to the ocean, everything in the film was created by LEGO bricks that all actually exist in the real world. This is quite impressive when you consider how much work must have gone into meticulously building this world. Indeed, this method really pays off when you’re watching the film because the locations that Emmet and the other characters visit feel authentic and have a distinctive styling to them. This makes sense for the film because after all, if you’re basing a film around building blocks that can be used to build anything you can imagine, why not build you’re film completely using them?


The LEGO Movie Review

Emmet and Batman


The film has a light-hearted tone that is sure to amuse and entertain kids and adults alike. The LEGO Movie never takes itself too seriously, which works to its credit, and at times is completely self-referential poking fun at itself just as much as the characters. The film is also genuinely funny with some laugh out loud moments. Particular highlights include Emmet but also Will Arnett’s Batman and Liam Neeson’s good cop/bad cop routine. The creators should also be praised for being creative with their character design with each one having their own personality and attitude making them each unique. In addition the voice performances are very good, Elizabeth Banks’ Wyldstyle is full of life whereas Chris Pratt’s Emmet is equal parts hilariously incompetent and heart-warming while Morgan Freeman’s Vitruvius also impresses.


Unfortunately, not everything in the LEGO Movie works as well as it should. Some of the jokes for me fell a bit flat almost as if the writers were trying too hard to be comedic, however the truth is there were plenty of amusing scenes and lines in the film already leaving some feeling a bit like overkill such as Spaceman Benny who while I’m sure amused audiences, for me, felt like he was hitting the same comedic beat over and over again. In terms of the protagonist Emmet and his journey through the film, the plot is pretty generic with few surprises. While this suits the light-hearted nature of the film I felt Emmet’s journey was a little too predictable. My final issue with the film is that there wasn’t even more variety in terms of locales for the characters to visit. More moments such as the car chase through the Wild West would have been welcome with less time spent in the city.


To conclude, The LEGO Movie is a film I would recommend for all ages. While pretty generic and a lack of variety hinder the film at points it remains entertaining throughout and should be well worth your consideration. Featuring some hilarious moments and a heartfelt story, The LEGO Movie never takes itself too seriously which is a good thing and is well worth your time.



The LEGO Movie is available now on DVD and Blu-Ray.

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