The Top 5 Games of E3 2017

The Top 5 Games of E3 2017

As usual there were plenty of games to talk about at E3 2017 from all the major publishers. If you missed any of the conferences you can check out all the announcements and trailers here. Here are my Top 5 games that stood out to me as being particularly exciting, interesting and made me want to find out more.


Assassin’s Creed Origins

I’m a big fan of the Assassin’s Creed series and I’ve written at length about the series in the past. In my mind, this is a make or break moment for the series. If Origins is disappointing or full of glitches sales of the series may continue to decline but if the revamped combat and introduction of RPG mechanics can win over those who’ve neglected the series up to this point or turned their back on it, then Ubisoft could potentially bring the series back from a slow decline.

E3 2017

What was shown at E3 2017 looked encouraging with an enormous, stunning Egypt to explore, a greater emphasis on strategic combat, a commitment to quests rather than linear missions and more dangerous wildlife than you can shake a stick at. The team behind Black Flag is working on this particular entry and hopefully they can keep the enjoyable experience that players found in that game in Origins. The question on most fans’ minds about the next game will concern story. Will the protagonist be interesting and have enough depth? Is the modern-day story coming back in a meaningful way? For these answers, we’ll need to wait to hear more from the developers.


Super Mario Odyssey

It was one of the games we all expected to see at Nintendo’s Spotlight during E3 2017 and thankfully for Switch owners, now has a firm release date of 27th October 2017. What was shown looks really impressive with the Mario 64 inspired game featuring lots of different locations and outfits for Mario to wear. The hat seemingly plays a big role allowing Mario to possess other creatures or objects to help him traverse the environment.

E3 2017

Fans of Mario 64 are sure to be excited for this game and I expect the usual care and attention will be put into the title as Nintendo is known for – even more so as this is arguably the biggest and most meaningful title coming to the Switch this year. While there were plenty of intriguing announcements during the Spotlight, its the game that players can get their hands on this year that impressed the most.


A Way Out

It’s pretty rare these days for a game to be truly unique with developers borrowing ideas from each other so much and increasingly trading on nostalgia or graphical fidelity. While A Way Out‘s split-screen co-op is nothing new, it’s determination that this is how the game is played and in no other way, is. The game stars Leo and Vincent who must work together to escape prison and go on the run. Developed by Josef Fares, the man responsible for Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, the game emphasises telling an emotional story through co-operative play with a partner.

E3 2017

What impressed me about the game was its cinematic presentation and the ability to see what the other player is doing at all times. One of you may be in a cut scene while the other is sneaking around trying to change what’s happening on-screen. There’s too few games with actual local co-op these days and while Fares’ statement that it is how the game is meant to be played may limit the game’s sales, those looking for couch co-op will be thrilled.


The Last Night

At E3, there’s always a slate of indie games during at least one of the press conferences. My favourite game was from Xbox’s conference with a game called The Last Night. Developed by Odd Tales, the game won’t come out until next year but already looks incredible. The 2.5D platformer is like stepping into the world of Blade Runner and the futuristic pixellated artwork is truly gorgeous to look at. The world features a lot of people wandering aimlessly as machines and robots have taken over all menial work, this imagery set against the neon and lights of the world is really interesting.

E3 2017

We’ve not seen much in the way of gameplay but I’m eager to see more of this game in the future.



The end of a conference is usually where publishers place a big surprise announcement or a an in-depth look at a game. After a sizzle reel last E3, we got to see some of Insomniac’s Spider-Man in action with a gameplay demo. The action showed Spidey infiltrating a Fisk construction site with Arkham-like combat only much more agile and with the ability to use the environment to take down bad guys. From there we got to see plenty of cinematic flair and QTEs as Spider-Man chased a rampaging helicopter through Manhattan.

E3 2017

In my opinion, the game looks great and it’s exciting to consider that Insomniac can put its own spin on the universe without being tied to any particular film or comic universe. I spent plenty of time swinging around the city in Spider-Man 2 and this looks the sequel to that game for the next generation which is tremendously cool. This look at a main mission was great but I’m excited like others to see how the open-world gameplay holds up.


Those were my Top 5 Games from E3 2017. What did you think?

Share your Top 5 Games in the comments below.

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