Will Smith to Star in Fantasy Cop Thriller by David Ayer

Will Smith to Star in Fantasy Cop Thriller by David Ayer

Will Smith and Joel Edgerton are set to star in a cop thriller film with fantasy elements directed by David Ayer.

Smith and Ayer have also collaborated on this year’s Suicide Squad which is due for release this August.

The project titled Bright was reported on by TheWrap and was written by Max Landis best known for his work on the superhero found footage film Chronicle.

Landis is also working as a writer in the upcoming Power Rangers film at Lionsgate.

Due to Smith and Ayer’s previous relationship with DC, it has been suggested that the film will go to Warner Bros.

Little is known about the project although it is expected to have a large budget and will contain fantastical elements as it explores a world where orcs and fairies live amongst humans.

In addition, Bright‘s protagonist will be an orc cop and David Ayer hopes to fit the film in his schedule before he begins shooting Suicide Squad 2 in 2017.

You can see David Ayer direct Will Smith as Deadshot in the anti-hero flick Suicide Squad on August 5, 2016 which you can see a trailer for here.

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